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Bringing Junk Back To Life One Car At A Time

Welder Up is not your average car customization shop. Steve Darnell is the master mind behind the madness created at Welder Up. Las Vegas, NV is the perfect location to inspire him to design the wildest rat rods known to man. The vehicles that leave our shop will blow your mind and exceed your expectations. Just give Steve a theme for your build and you will be amazed by his imagination, the creative materials, and details that bring your vision to life.

Welder Up is known for its wild rides, but Steve also has a passion for producing short films, music videos, and creative man-interior designs. Most recently, he created the set design, costumes, props, and vehicles featured in the Five Finger Death Punch "House of the Rising Sun" music video. This opportunity provided him the perfect stage to put his talents to good use and show that his creativity has no boundaries.

Steve Darnell's masterpieces have been featured in many national publications such as: Hot Rod Magazine, Diesel Power Magazine, Diesel World Magazine, Diesel Tech Magazine, Rat Rod Magazine, Rebel Rodz Magazine, Ol' Skool Rodz Magazine, Mopar Magazine, Cruzin Magazine, Elan Magazine, and numerous newspaper and internet articles. He has also won a number of awards - on one occasion he was presented with a Fender Guitar signed by the V.P. of Fender - for "Best Car" at the show.

Steve's skill and creativity have caused a frenzy in the car world and people took notice. As a result, Welder Up and its wild rides are the basis for the television show "Vegas Rat Rods" now airing on the Discovery Channel. Stay tuned..."You ain't seen nothin' yet"!


Steve Darnell

Steve is the Welder Up creative genius. Fueled by the desire to prove the naysayers wrong, Steve has always been determined to exceed everyone's expectations. He has a passion for building bad ass rat rods and the rest is soon to be history. Just tell Steve he can't do something, and it's on!


Justin Kramer

At age 13 Justin found his Grandmothers stick welder in the barn. After 2 miles of welding and burning down the barn, he knew he was destined to be a welder. He can weld every type of metal and can design and build the suspension and chassis for any vehicle on the planet. Justin's motto is "Don't talk about it, be about it!"


Merlon Johnson

At a very young age of 7 Merlon successfully installed a 175cc engine in a go cart. That was the beginning of a very competitive personality. Merlon has more than 40 years of turbo diesel experience specializing in 12valve cummins. Having a lot of knowledge and experience with a love and passion for extreme performance. After meeting Steve Darnell at a car show and taking a ride in the D-Rod it "changed my life" Says Merlon


Travis Deeter

Travis spent much of his childhood at the Vegas drag strip. "I started messing around with drag bikes and cars at a very young age. I am a Welder Fabricator and an Artist, I was able to mix the two together from the start." Travis roll is working with Steve Darnell to bring the detail and creativeness of the Vehicles to life

Barber Dave

Barber Dave

Barber Dave is a Las Vegas native. He was raised by good parents and a healthy dose of punk rock. Dave is a barber and artisan by trade. When not at Welder Up, you will find Dave working at his barber shop in Utah.

Chase and Kash

Chase and Kash

Chase and Kash Darnell are the future fabricators of the Welder Up team. To continue the family legacy, they work alongside of the rest of the crew and are becoming masters at welding and mechanics.


As Seen on Vegas Rat Rods Monday Nights on the discoverychannel