4" X 2" Metal Tabs (20 pcs) Welder 101 Practice Tabs

*Please note that due to the heavy weight of the metal, this item will be shipped in a flat rate box at a cost of $15.00 per metal kit ordered in the U.S. (International orders will be billed at the shipping rate calculated at checkout). It is not able to be combined with other items because Steve is cutting them to order and shipping them from the shop. OUR SYSTEM IS NOT CALCULATING THE SHIPPING CORRECTLY, SO WE WILL ISSUE A REFUND FOR ANY SHIPPING CHARGES OVER $15.00 FOR EACH METAL KIT ORDERED. We are working to fix the issue. Thanks for your patience.

These metal tabs are to be used for practicing the welding techniques outlined in the Welder 101 Welding Videos by Steve Darnell. This item includes 20 pieces of 4" X 2" metal tabs.

For more information about Welder 101 visit https://www.welder101.com/

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