Make It Run Again

With only the tools they can carry in their pockets and the local resources available to them, the team must get the vehicle running and drive it to a predetermined destination.

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Follow Steve Darnell and Merlon Johnson from WelderUp and the Discovery Channel’s “Vegas Rat Rods” as they do whatever it takes to reach the location of an old vehicle or other motorized machine that has been out of commission for years.

Each Make It Run Again adventure is broadcast live through our social media 24-hour feed. Follow along as Steve and Merlon document the changes and repairs being made to the vehicle. To keep things exciting, products provided by sponsors are offered as giveaways throughout the trip. The final piece to the puzzle, the vehicle, is for sale. With the help of Aumann Auctions, we have created our very own auction page so that viewers can bid on the vehicle throughout the journey and can stay up to date with the transformation of the vehicle.

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