Learn the skills to weld like a pro from the best

Explore our in-person classes where you can learn from Steve Darnell, the mastermind behind Welder Up, who created the amazing machines from Vegas Rat Rods on Discovery Channel.

  • Learn A Life Long Skill

    Young or youthfully old, welding and fabricating are skills you will carry with you throughout your life. We have a course for any experience level to refine this lifelong skill.

  • New Source Of Income

    Welding and fabricating can open the door to a whole new source of income. Our classes give you the tools to start a new business or create a side income opportunity.

  • Hone Your Skills

    Even an old dog can learn new tricks. Our expert welders and fabricators will share their trade secrets with you so you can take your skills to the next level.

Available Classes

Classes are currently closed for the summer; classes will reopen in the fall.
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Online Welding Classes

Can't join us in person? No problem. Explore Welder 101 for a series of online welding classes, blogs, and other digital learning experiences by Steve Darnell. Watch them anywhere, anytime.

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