Steve Darnell is famed for his success on the Discovery Channel hit series Vegas Rat Rods and as the creative genius behind Welder Up, the Las Vegas-based rat rod and fabrication shop. Steve leads his Welder Up team as he brings history back to life, proving his creativity has no boundaries.

Working with his dad at their family’s steel company in Las Vegas, Steve learned to weld and fabricate at an early age. When he started his fabrication shop, he took his passion for cars to the next level. When the infamous D-Rod drove out of his shop with a twin-turbo 12-valve diesel engine that made 1000 hp, Steve made a name for himself. 

The car world took notice of the unique builds Steve and his team were unleashing out of their shop; so did the Discovery Channel. In 2013, the hit series Vegas Rat Rods took the rest of the world by storm. Steve’s masterpieces were soon featured in multiple national publications, like Hot Rod Magazine, Diesel World Magazine, Mopar Magazine, and more.

WelderUp is known for its eye-catching rides, but Steve’s passion has evolved beyond rat rods into other creative avenues. He is responsible for the post-apocalyptic set design, props, and vehicles in Five Finger Death Punch’s music video for “House of the Rising Sun.” Always on Steve’s agenda is creating entertaining content of his own for a loyal fan base on YouTube and social media. As of 2020, aspiring welders can learn from Steve’s years of experience and hard-earned wisdom in his online course at

Steve has always been determined to exceed everyone’s expectations. Much like Steve’s creativity, opportunities to partner with WelderUp and its growing fan base are limitless.